Tråd: Installations problem med H.VHS Setup 0.3.5

I have error on installation.

C:\program Files (x86)\Huggpunkt\VHS\HuggpunktVHS.exe

Click Abort to stop the installation
Retry to try again, or
Ignore to skip this file.


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Sv: Installations problem med H.VHS Setup 0.3.5

Hi and welcome! Unfortunately, there isn't much useful information in there. From your post, it looks like the installer failed to copy the main executable into the default installation directory.

The actual cause could be almost anything. I've actually never heard of the nullsoft installer failing before. Most probably, your installer is corrupt and you need to do download it again.

If that doesn't work, your best bet is to just perform the installation manually. To accomplish that, open the installer in an archiver (7-zip works, unsure about WinRar) and unpack it to some folder of your choice. Then, finish the installation like this:

  1. Delete the folder "$PLUGINSDIR", as it is only used by the installer.

  2. Move all files in the folder "$COMMONFILES\H.VHS" to the root folder (where the file "HuggpunktVHS.exe" is located).

  3. Delete the folder "$COMMONFILES" (and the now empty folder "$COMMONFILES\H.VHS" within it).

The installer does a few more things than that, like creating shortcuts on the desktop and Start menu, and associating ".vhs"-files and the "hvhs:" internet protocol with HuggpunktVHS.exe. You'll have to do that too, if you want those features, but they are not strictly necessary.

Just in case, I should probably also mention that the interface in 0.3.5 is entirely in Swedish.

Hope this helps!

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