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Im writing from estonia. We have also tv3play (similar with you tv6play). And one problem.
Want to download Alarm Für Cobra 11 subtitles and i downt know how to that. With streamtransport it downloads only video/audio.

Writing here, because you guys working with swedish tv3/tv6 play and maybe you can help little bit how i got these subtitles. (They hold episodes only 30 days sad )

Link for one episode: (i dont know can you see these outside estonia)



Sv: tv3play estonia

You are right, the video is not directly visible from ip-adresses identified as non-estonian. So can't test your video download.

There is a button "Undertexter" which will try to fetch the subtitles file. On svt6 play in Sweden they are xml-files.

If you use the button "Detaljer" you get a detailed information sheet where the adress to the subtitles is found as "Undertexter:". In many cases the subtitles are fetched via http (adress starts with "http://", and if this is the case you can just use your webbrowser to download this page (subtitles file).

To view the film with subtitles you have to have a video player that will read this information from the downloaded film. Since I have not used this I don't knowfor sure, but maybe VNC-player will handle it. If I remember correctly this has been discussed here somewhere. before. Search and see if you can read!?

Also som videostreams have subtitles as part of the film. No seperate download.

Best luck with downloading and using subtitles!!